Matt Gillooly - Principal, Technology

As head of East Transit's technology development, Matt keeps abreast of trends and developments in technological research and ensures that they are incorporated into company's software. At East Transit, Matt's technical focus areas include system administration, mapping and visualization, artificial intelligence, and security. Matt holds an Sc.B. in Mathematics - Computer Science from Brown.

Tibet Sprague - Principal, Operations

Tibet manages the financial and logistical aspects of the company, including all accounting, legal, and contractual issues. Tibet was the software architect for the first version of the server portion of SmartRide. His technical responsibilities at East Transit include web user interface development, database programming, and server-side scripting. Tibet earned an Sc.B. in Computer Science from Brown.

Peter Woo - Principal, Marketing

Peter oversees the company's market analysis efforts and is responsible for evaluating the business case for all of the company's engineering endeavors. Prior to East Transit, Peter spent three years at a Silicon Valley consulting firm specializing in embedded systems and signal processing. During that time, he served as the technical lead on projects commissioned by NASA, Microsoft, and several large telecom equipment suppliers. His technical responsibilities include project planning, requirements analysis, quality assurance, and documentation. Peter earned an Sc.B. in Computer Science and an A.B. in Development Studies from Brown.


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