The four founders started East Transit to apply emerging technologies in innovative ways that could substantively improve the operations and lives of its customers. The objective of applying emerging technologies represents a break from the goal of many technology startups, in the sense that East Transit intends to focus less on fundamental research and more on using the wealth of existing technologies and recent academic research to create products for new markets. East Transit will be careful to center its efforts on markets in which it can make a substantive difference in either product value or product functionality. If the company's creations do not represent improvements over previous solutions, they will not be able to maintain the interest of its customers.

The founders have worked together closely since SmartRide's inception as a seminar project at Brown University. They share a passion for software and a commitment to disciplined execution. Their vision for creating better software is based on a set of five organizational principles:

  1. Ethical behavior
  2. Organizational cohesiveness
  3. Only the best people
  4. Constant improvement
  5. Careful planning, dynamic action
In summary, East Transit aims to become a business organization of enduring value by building itself not on a specific idea or set of ideas, but on people with ideas and the ability to turn them into solutions.


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