East Transit currently provides two software products designed for university and campus-based transportation systems.

  • SmartRide Dispatch is a comprehensive dispatching application (also known as computer aided dispatch, or CAD) designed for escort (on call) shuttle services. It incorporates artificial intelligence technology for wait time estimation and route suggestion, a mobile communication system between drivers and dispatchers, a real-time mapping system (also known as automated vehicle location, or AVL), and back-end database integration into a single, easy-to-use package.
  • SmartRide Tracker is a real-time mapping (AVL) system for fixed-route shuttle and bus services. Using SmartRide Tracker, passengers of fixed-route shuttle systems can see vehicle locations over the internet from their web browser. Through SmartRide's secure login system,transportation managers can also view historical vehicle locations, post announcements to passengers, send text messages to drivers, and use collected data to analyze long-term trends.

Both products are sold as application service subscriptions. For more information, or for a live demonstration, please contact us at .


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