SmartRide was designed to be comprehensive, reliable, yet easy-to-use system that balanced the disparate needs of dispatchers, drivers, transportation managers, and escort shuttle passengers. The benefits to each of those parties include the following.

For Dispatchers:

  • Intuitive web user interface allows dispatchers to communicate accurately and increase call throughput.
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm automatically provides routing suggestions and estimated wait times, diminishing dispatcher workload.
  • Convenient information access provides a complete and current overview of the entire system.
For Drivers:
  • Hard-to-understand radio traffic is replaced by an easy-to-use text interface; drivers can instantaneously receive call assignments and transmit ride status updates using cell phone.
  • GPS vehicle location also means that drivers no longer have to update dispatchers with current location information.
For Transportation Managers:
  • Secure web interface allows viewing of up-to-the-minute information on every aspect of the shuttle system.
  • Advanced SQL database ensures data and audit integrity and allows managers to find long-term trends using the latest data analysis tools, leading to lower operating costs, more efficient staffing and resource allocation, and more effective service.
  • Increased employee visibility helps produce faster, safer service and more satisfied passengers.
For Passengers:
  • More efficient service leads to faster reduced wait times and improved safety.
  • Wait time estimates reduces the amount of time spent outside buildings on the street.

Because the software is run on data center servers, East Transit is able to handle all backup, maintenance, and upgrades automatically. This significantly reduces the software administration burden on individual clients.


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