SmartRide Dispatch has been made possible and affordable by several advances in technology that occured only within the last five years. Those advances include new web standards, data-enabled cellular phones with global positioning system (GPS) capabilities, and inexpensive, but powerful servers that can support processor-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The SmartRide engineering team took advantage of those changes to construct a system around the following five technology modules:

  1. Computer-aided dispatching: To improve record keeping and communication within the dispatch center, SmartRide provides a real-time call entry and tracking user interface for dispatchers that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Computer assisted dispatch (CAD) systems have existed for several decades, but they have only very recently been implemented as a Rich Web Application (RWA).
  2. Artificial intelligence: The dispatch software incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to predict wait times and offer optimal ride grouping suggestions. Those algorithms take advantage of modern, high-speed processors that were have been prohibitively expensive until recently.
  3. Mobile communications: SmartRide uses custom software running on cell phones to create a mobile communication system between drivers and dispatchers.
  4. Automated vehicle location: Using global positioning system (GPS) information from the phones, the dispatching software is also able to generate a software map showing the current location of all vehicles and the locations of passengers awaiting pickup. Automated vehicle location (AVL) previously required expensive custom GPS equipment.
  5. Database integration: The data from all of the dispatched calls is stored in a secure database, allowing transportation managers to find statistics and analyze long-term trends.
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