East Transit provides SmartRide on a subscription basis, including a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment based on the size of the escort shuttle service.

Initial Setup Process

East Transit has tailored its approach to ensure that the software is configured to meet the individual needs of each client. Upon reaching an agreement with a client, East Transit will typically conduct the following services:

  1. Requirements analysis: East Transit will interview drivers, dispatchers, transportation managers, and users to understand the client's specific needs. During this process, the client will be asked to provide access to personnel for those interviews and furnish written materials about the service, including its coverage area and ridership policies.
  2. Equipment: East Transit will provide cellular phone equipment and secure server space for the SmartRide Dispatch software. Clients are expected to provide at least one computer with an internet connection for each dispatch user. The software on those computers should include Windows 2000 or XP, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, and the (free) Sun Java Runtime Environment, version 1.4 or later.
  3. Software configuration: During the setup stage, East Transit will configure the software to meet the needs of the client and generate a software map corresponding to the escort shuttle service coverage area. All available SmartRide Dispatch features will be included in every installation.
  4. Software deployment: East Transit will configure the server to provide secure access to the client's software administrators. Those administrators can then provide access to other software users.
  5. User documentation: Upon deployment, clients will also receive printed user documentation for dispatchers, drivers, and managers/administrators. The documentation for the web-based portion of the software can also be found online.
  6. Training: East Transit will provide two instructors for two days to perform user training. East Transit recommends that the training be organized as a class for institutions with many drivers and/or dispatchers. Additional training can be provided for an additional fee.

Continued Application Support

After the software has been configured, the client will be charged for the SmartRide service on a monthly basis. That monthly fee will include:
  1. Secure access to software: The client will be able to access and use the software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The software will be configured to automatically refresh itself for daily service at a time of day specified by the client.
  2. Secure access to data: Transportation managers will be able to access the data from its service through SQL database queries over SSL. SQL is supported by virtually all database report generation packages, such as Crystal Reports.
  3. Cellular phone data service: Data service for the drivers' cellular phones is included in the SmartRide monthly cost. The cellular phone plans will not allow for any non-emergency voice calls.
  4. Backup and server maintenance: East Transit will back up data from the client's ride database on a regular basis. In addition, East Transit will be responsible for maintaining the application server and applying relevant security patches.
  5. Software upgrades: The monthly fee will allow the client to have access to any new features developed by East Transit. Clients will be informed of upgrades at least 15 days in advance.
  6. Live technical support: East Transit will provide live technical support every day between 7PM and 1AM between September and May, except during Federal and other designated holidays.


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