The SmartRide Tracker is a web application that allows administrators and passengers to pinpoint the real-time location of fixed-route campus shuttles and buses. SmartRide Tracker was created to increase safety and convenience for passengers and provide transportation managers with better capabilities and information for coordinating their system.

System Overview

The SmartRide Tracker system was developed by integrating the insights gleaned from extensive user research with technical knowledge regarding recent advances in software technologies.

SmartRide Tracker interacts with passengers, transportation managers, and drivers in a number of different ways:

  • Passengers can visit a public webpage (5) to see the location of any vehicle on any route. SmartRide Tracker also provides estimated arrival times at various shuttle stops.
  • Transportation managers with secure, password-protected access to SmartRide Tracker (4) can post announcements for waiting passengers and send text messages to drivers. SmartRide Tracker also enables managers to see the historical locations of any vehicle at any minute up to twelve months prior and to use stored vehicle data for analysis of long-term trends.
  • Drivers can use cell phones with SmartRide technology (2) to report various problems, update their duty status, and receive text messages from supervisors.
For more information about the benefits to each group, please visit the Benefits page.

In order to provide those services, East Transit has integrated a number of different technologies, as shown in the diagram above:
  1. GPS satellites allow cell phones with SmartRide technology (2) to calculate their precise location.
  2. Ruggedized cell phones with SmartRide technology in each vehicle transmits its location to the East Transit servers (3). They also allow drivers to receive text messages from supervisors, report problems, and update their duty status through the same servers (3).
  3. The East Transit servers host the SmartRide Tracker system in a facility that guarantees 99.9% uptime. All user data is backed up on a regular basis. East Transit provides live technical support from 7PM to 1AM.
  4. The transportation manager page provides the manager with tools for real-time and long-term transportation system management.
  5. The passenger page shows real-time vehicle locations and is updated every ten seconds.
For more information about the technology behind SmartRide Tracker, please visit the How It Works page.

Technical Features

SmartRide Tracker offers a number of technical features, including:
  • A real-time map that shows the location of each vehicle and the path of each route; maps can be provided by customer or generated by East Transit.
  • An Artificial Intelligence component that predicts the arrival time of the next shuttle at each stop based on the current location and performance of each shuttle.
  • Time and weather display, so that passengers are in sync with system clock and prepared for the elements.
  • An announcements display for waiting passengers, so that transportation managers can publish status updates, security advisories, other pertinent information.
  • An effective manager-to-driver messaging system: transportation managers can send messages to individual drivers, all drivers on a route, or all active drivers.
  • Status updates from drivers: using cell phones with SmartRide technology, drivers can report various problems and update their duty status.
  • Vehicle history display: transportation managers can review the locations of all active vehicles on any route for the previous 12 months; display features "play" and "fast forward" buttons so that transportation managers can see movements in compressed time.
  • Customized configurations for each client: route configurations, maps, and even color schemes can be adapted to the customer's needs.
  • Data integrity: regular backups ensure that important records are never lost.
  • Easy report generation for data analysis.


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