SmartRide was designed to increase passenger safety and convenience and help transportation managers and drivers be more effective. The benefits to each of those parties include the following.

For Passengers:

  • With a visual map, passengers can always know where the shuttle are and read posted announcements and status updates. Using the provided information, passengers can stay safely indoors until a shuttle is expected to arrive.
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm automatically estimates arrival times for the next shuttle at each stop.
  • A time and weather display helps passengers stay in sync with the system clock and prepare for the elements outside.
For Transportation Managers:
  • Visual map helps managers monitor progress of drivers and coordinate shuttles to arrive at stops at regular intervals.
  • Using the vehicle status and messaging interface, managers can view duty status updates from drivers and send text messages to individual drivers or driver groups.
  • Transportation managers can publish multiple announcements to inform waiting passengers of status updates, security advisories, and other pertinent information.
  • Vehicle history page enables transportation managers to view minute-by-minute location histories of all vehicles on any route for up to twelve months.
  • Using stored data, SmartRide Tracker can generate reports for transportation managers regarding driver status, location, and shuttle stop arrival times.
For Drivers:
  • GPS vehicle location also means that drivers no longer have to update managers with current location information.
  • Cell phones with SmartRide technology provide a means of secure communication between managers and drivers.

Because the software is run on data center servers, East Transit is able to handle all backup, maintenance, and upgrades automatically. This significantly reduces the software administration burden on individual clients.


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