SmartRide Tracker has been made possible and affordable by several advances in technology that occured only within the last five years. Those advances include new web standards, data-enabled cellular phones with global positioning system (GPS) capabilities, and inexpensive, but powerful servers that can support processor-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The SmartRide engineering team took advantage of those changes to create a vehicle tracking system with the following modules:

  • Automated vehicle location: Using global positioning system (GPS) information from the phones, the SmartRide Tracker is able to generate a map showing the current location of all vehicles and the locations of passengers awaiting pickup. Automated vehicle location (AVL) previously required expensive custom GPS equipment.
  • Database integration: Vehicle location data is stored in a secure database for a twelve-month window. Transportation managers can use that data view historical vehicle locations, find statistics, and analyze long-term trends.
  • Artificial intelligence: SmartRide Tracker incorporates a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to predict estimated arrival times.
  • Mobile communications: SmartRide uses custom software running on cell phones to create a mobile communication system between drivers and managers.
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